About Us

Dallas 24 Classifieds is an online directory platform established to bring satisfaction to local business owners and prospective service consumers.

For Service Consumers

Dallas 24 Classifieds is a directory website that helps you find the best businesses, hotels and service providers for the right price. Our platform helps you find establishments in Dallas and neighboring cities.

We afford you the luxury of hiring an auto repair or cleaning service provider right from our page without manually flipping through a directory diary. The review system means you’ll always get a chance to hire the best service providers.

For Local Business

Dallas 24 Classifieds gets loads of visits from prospective customers looking for businesses, hotels and other services. On our platform, you can take advantage of that by joining D24C and listing your special services for site visitors to see.

We accommodate all kinds of businesses like commercial cleaning, auto repair, hotel services, rental services and just about everything.

Operations of Dallas 24 Classified are overseen by Sal De Alba, owner and founder.